When your crew delivers you crap (and SOMETIMES they do),

bring it to us to fix - we can do ANYTHING!

We are THE MEDIA PRODUCTION FIXER  you have been looking for!

We can do anything Post Production at an affordable rate.
We Rescue, Revive and Fix hopeless projects or bring the fire out of great projects.

True industry level work at below industry rates.

Post Production Services -

• Complete Video Editing Services (Film, TV, Commercials, Promos, Demos)

• Creative Color Grading, Correction & Film Looks

• Lighting & Contrast Correction and Adjustments

• Audio Editing, Leveling & Sweetening
• Audio Noise Reduction
• Video Grain & Noise Reduction
• Effects, Transitions & Graphics
• Titles and End Credits
• Image Retouching, Color Correction & Dust Removal for Still Images
• ADR, sound replacement
• Audio effects and sound design
• Soundtrack and music creation
• Prep for broadcast or distribution deliverables
• DCP creation
• Movie Poster, DVD Package, Label & Promo Design
• Trailers
• Sizzle reels

• DVD Duplication

Production Services

Just Contact Us for a Meeting and we will open our Creative Portfolio to You.

You can't imagine what we have imagined, so we'll show you!

Film/TV Production + Photography & Video Services

Production Services -
• Full Film & TV Production Services
• Pre Production, Equipment Prep & Training
• Location Sound Recording
• Crew Staffing or Replacement - Any Position!
• Additional Shooting / Reshooting of Missing or Botched Scenes

​• Trouble Shooting any Aspect of the Production Technical or Editorial

Media Development & Creation -

•  Scripts, Treatments, Copy & Creative Writing

•  Complete Film, Video & Media Production & Post
•  Talent Casting Services
•  Project/Production Management

•  Media Management & Distribution
•  High End Commercial & Creative Photography
•  Photo Retouching Services
•  Print Design Services
•  Website Development
•  Logo & Graphic Design
•  EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Creation
•  Press Kit & Marketing Materials Development
•  Market & Media Analysis and Marketing Strategies